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fionn_a_bhair [userpic]

Losing My Entire Mind

July 16th, 2007 (01:41 am)
current location: London

Wow.  If anyone ever wanted to see me completely lose my shit, tonight was the night.  I came home from Order of the Phoenix to find my room...infested by ant/flies/insect type thingies.  When I say infested, I'm not being euphemistic - I mean infested.  I mean that scene from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (okay there weren't any centipedes, but it was similar).  I have no idea what attracted them to my room - I've taken every step short of fumigating the damn place, and yet they keep reappearing. 

Seriously - I spent about forty, fifty minutes chasing the blasted things with a vacuum cleaner - holding the pipe the way Naomi Harris holds her machete in 28 Days Later, except whimpering about how I was going to wipe out their whole genus and jumping whenever one of the insects crawled into my hair (yes - that happened, more than once.  Frankly, I feel once every five years is testing my tolerance) rather than being insanely kickass.  I really, really hate insects - and they're still creeping into the room, a few at a time.  I have no idea how I'm going to sleep. 

Now, something enjoyable.

So, I went to Order of the Phoenix tonight with friends and I, in the main enjoyed it.  So to start with - the good:

1) Daniel Radcliffe and...acting.  He really did!  He was really good.  So good in fact, that during the Voldemort/mirror scene thing, I actually thought 'you know the director should have just cut this ridiculous monologue and trusted his acting to convey the meaning.'  I never thought I'd see the day,
2) The big epic fight against the Death Eaters.  I wish this could have been longer, I enjoyed it so much. 
3) Umbridge.  I loved this portrayal - even if dear old Dolores still gives me the creeps.  The mohair poncho thing was especially impressive. 
4) Maggie Smith as McGonagall.  She didn't have much to do, but she was brilliant in all of it.  I wish we could have had more of her.
5) Ginny and Neville.  Both of them made a really good impression - though frankly, I wish they'd had more to do.  Neville made me want to hug him when he talked about his parents, and Ginny managed to convey an awful lot without words - especially when she was 'pining' for Harry, or when she blew up the entire Hall of Prophecy. (Ginny thinks: 'Emm....maybe I'm a little too good at that curse.')
6) Luna.  She was awesome
7) The whole post-kiss scene with Ron, Harry and Hermione - all three of them were excellent, and the grin on Harry's face was brilliant.
8) That they didn't attempt to play down the political subtext of the book At All.  I especially like some of the things they suggested with the centaurs.
9) Ron was given stuff to do - and Hermione wasn't nearly as annoying as I'd expected her to be (from the interviews I mean).  She even seemed like a knowitall at times!
10) The twins were brilliant.

And then there's the bad.
1) The ridiculous monologue at the finale.  God that made me cringe.  Scriptwriter?  We got it.   Please stop kicking me in the skull - 'See, see!  Harry isn't like Voldemort.  Can you see how he isn't like Voldemort?  Have I shown you how he isn't like Voldemort?'
2) Where was Lily in the Snape's Worst Memory scene? (okay I admit - that's nitpicky)
3) Pacing.  A lot of adaptations suffer from this, and I actually got the same feeling during Goblet of Fire.  Another fifteen minutes would have allowed much more room for scenes to breathe, which I think they desperately needed (the Harry-Cho romance was the biggest loser in this I think).
4) The ending.  What is wrong with the Potter films that no director manages to end them properly?  Just once....just once I'd like to see an ending that wasn't dripping in sentimentality, but I seem destined to be disappointed.


Posted by: sibtrelawney (sibtrelawney)
Posted at: July 16th, 2007 10:59 pm (UTC)

I agree with everything you said. However, I do have one more thing to add to the 'bad' list. What was with the King Kong/Faye Wray--Grawp/Hermione schtick? Puh-leeze! Hope you managed to eradicate all the critters. Good luck.

Posted by: fionn_a_bhair (fionn_a_bhair)
Posted at: July 17th, 2007 02:08 am (UTC)

Well, I did a pretty good job with them (in an hysterical action heroine kind of a way), but then the nice man with the critter-killinating powder came and made it all better. Which was a good thing, because I saw what I looked like in the mirror last night and...I must have really snapped the tether to look like that!

I didn't mind the Fay Wray moment so much, mainly because it gave Ron a chance to be amazing, but I did think to myself, 'Okay everyone loves Hermione in the movies, I get it, but did you have to make it all textual like that?' The only Hermione moment that really annoyed me was her introduction of Luna - would it have killed them to let Bonnie Wright say that line? She might have had a whole five lines of dialogue! Looking back I think she was the most seriously underused of the young characters; even Neville (who was also minimised) had one stand-out scene. Good for Bonnie Wright that she made such an impact with so few lines, I suppose.

(And thanks for getting the last chapter up by the way - I hope your computer woes have come to an end!)

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